Dining Room

Join us for lunch in our Dining Room! Our waitress will help you with any questions about the menu and deliver fine, friendly service for your dining pleasure!

PANO_20151125_114802 We can accommodate group of all sizes. Anywhere from single diners to parties of 4-20. But make sure to call us with a heads up if you’ll be a large party.

20160612_132520 Everyone was geared up for the Germans in Euro 2016! Axel is proud of his team and the fans are in full swing everytime.

20160206_110122 Join us every weekend as we host FCB Anaheim for the Bundesliga! The German powerhouse club FC Bayern Munich fight every week for the title in the German Club and we host the fans with our big screen TV, delicious Breakfast or Bratwurst and Ice Cold Beer. Call for game times.

IMG_20150910_142442 The owners, Axel and Monica, getting ready for the Lunch Rush!

IMG_20151029_143300 Gearing up for Oktoberfest in full swing!

IMG_20140629_105440 A few friendly faces you’ll run into during the 2014 World Cup!

WC clip1 Before the Party starts during the 2014 World Cup Germany vs. USA

GOPR0056 Fun loving Netherlands Fans during the World Cup!

IMG_20140410_193443 Everyone is Welcome to our Stammtisch- the event we hold every 1st Thursday of the month starting at 6pm until 8pm! Dinner and drinks with good company every time!

FB_IMG_1446914977497 Join us as we host the FCB Anaheim, a Bayern Munich soccer fan club, the 1st weekend of every month! This is the faithful crew following a 6:30am game! Mia San Mia!

FB_IMG_1452467065195 Another Stammtisch shot. The party isn’t always large, but it’s always welcoming and ready for everything!

FB_IMG_1452466977994 One more party picture from the 2014 World Cup! Like we said, we’re accommodating of all kinds of parties in our Dining Room!

IMG_20150518_193710 We host events from the local high schools too! La Serna High School German Club’s end of year celebration!