Deli Showcase

Our deli is loaded with lots of delicious German goodies to either take home or have cooked up and served for you!

FB_IMG_1425947156460 Side view of our deli counter. Come in and experience it for yourself!

IMG_20150105_120924 We have Head Cheese and Blood Sausage available as deli cuts!

IMG_20140113_112436_067 Try or take home a slice of Axel’s homemade German Style Cheesecake, made fresh!   If you are in need of a whole cake, call and reserve one at least 2 days in advance.

IMG_20140113_124814_627 American cheese or German cheese are also available!

IMG_20140113_150718_717 Check out our Homemade pastries, such as Cheesecake and Streussel cakes.

FB_IMG_1452468615489 We get fresh, German Rye every Monday, Thursday and Saturday!

IMG_20140213_154710_304 Take some German mustard home and spoil yourself with Authentic German Mustard: Spicy, Sweet or Mild!

IMG_20140213_195216_521 Do you like to bake yourself? We offer cake mixes and helper powders with recipes in both German and English. (P.S. if you do not read German, WE CAN HELP TRANSLATE for you)

IMG_20150105_121109 Ordered a Sandwich to go? Have a seat in our deli or check out all the goodies available.

IMG_20150910_142431 Be sure to browse around, and remember if you have any questions you can always ask us!

IMG_20150105_120144 We have lots of different style pickles or pickled goods to choose from.

IMG_20150420_130607 A German Deli isn’t complete without Haribo Gummy Bears for the children or yourself!

 20160119_111932We bake fresh, Homemade Cookies as well. Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodles, Cranberry White Chocolate, Thumbprints and Lemon Cookies.

 20161126_102836Need some Potato Salad or Sauerkraut? We have 3 sizes to pick from on the spot, 1/2 pint for $3.25, 1 pint for $5.5o, or 1 quart for $10.75 All the Potato Salads are made fresh in house!